Category News Date 8 February 2018

SELVIS members recently visited The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. Daniel tells us how he found the visit:

I went to the Petrie Museum with SELVIS and thoroughly enjoyed it as Egyptology is one of my areas of interest and the Petrie museum showcases a dedicated collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts discovered by William Petrie in Egypt.

I also enjoyed being at the museum because as usual Jessica Beal always finds creative ways to make outings interesting, different and accessible!

The kind and knowledgeable staff gave the group and me an audio described tour around the museum for us to learn more about the artefacts on display and a touch tour using tactile 3-D printed replicas of some of the artefacts.

I would recommend the Petrie Museum to anyone interested in Egyptology and anyone interested in doing things that are a little different!